Swimming Through Love

April 29, 2017
By mishmosh715 BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
mishmosh715 BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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I watched you as the waves crashed against the rocks
And the thin torrents of rains buffeted my tear-stained face
I watched you as my heart splintered into the tide
And when you didn't turn around, I slowed my pace

I heard you when you told me it was over
And you stabbed me in the heart with your smile
I heard you when you screamed at me with scorn
I just didn't understand it for a while

I felt you as you let go of my hand
And walked away without looking back
I felt you as your footsteps faded away
And the ocean washed away every single track

I thought of you as I stepped into the waves
And the water lapped hungrily at my feet
I thought of you as I swam away
And I fervently hoped we would never again meet

I loved you in those moments past
I loved you until my heart bent and crashed
And now I swim in the ocean
If only to make those moments last

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