Summer vibes

April 28, 2017
By BriannaR1313060 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
BriannaR1313060 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Eyes are hazel milky like colors of a sunset

Hair is soft and brown like the outer hairs on a coconut

Tall like a sail on a boat

Sand white like sugar put in fresh lemonade

Sweet and nice like biting into watermelon

Peaceful like sitting around a bonfire

Calm like waves rolling onto the beach

Cheerful like people enjoying pool on a hot day

Friendly like a child building a sand castle

Marvelous like the ?fireworks exploding on the fourth of July

Friends full of fun splashing in the beach waters

Loud like flip flops smacking against freshly manicured feet

Helpful like the sun is to my tan

Generous like flowers giving pollen to the bees

Pleasant li?ke blue green deep colors of the ocean?

Admirable like stars in a summer night sky

Kind like the children sharing shovels in the sand box at the park ?

Pure Like the butterflies

Pleasant like the colors changing as summer comes to an end

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