The Sleepers Dream

April 28, 2017
By Avenoir BRONZE, Alexandria, Louisiana
Avenoir BRONZE, Alexandria, Louisiana
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Is my life nothing but a person’s dream?
If the Sleeper is awakened, will we all fade away?
Is our existence nothing but a thought,
soon to be erased?

The Sleeper has created a world of vibrant colors and such beauty,
one that may truly cease to be.
The Sleeper has brought forth another imaginative dream
with such a temporary reality.

Such a dream would be nothing without its nightmarish elements,
a balance to ensure a satisfying rest.
This “reality” is corrupt and unknowing,
although this may be for the best.

Living in an unpredictable world
that can be altered by a mere thought
will challenge all of the hopes and dreams
we have youthfully sought.

The imagination is a glorious oasis,
a place we may all hope to reside in.
Think long and hard about why and how,
and your life will then begin.

Life is of many secrets that have yet to be solved,
some theories have been said wrong, others deemed right.
If this life is nothing but a dream,
I fear for the end of the Sleeper’s night.

The author's comments:

This is an opinionated poem about my beliefs, but only for the brief moment that it was written.

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