May 4, 2017
By Alexx Baker-Rose BRONZE, Mayfield, Kentucky
Alexx Baker-Rose BRONZE, Mayfield, Kentucky
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I sunk further
I could feel the water filling my lungs and pulling me down
But I could see you,
I could see you walking as if you were okay
And it makes me wonder...
Is the unforgiving depths of my mind what makes you seem so invincible ?
Or is everyone okay?
Am I drowning?
Or am I living reality.
When the stars shine at night you look for smallest one and you'll point to it,
But she doesn't know that
She didn't walk 3 miles in the rain to escape the inescapable reality or her own mind
And when the street lights go off, you'll run like you are three
What's it like?
Running home, I mean
For the only place I feel at home is in your arms
But you keep moving, and never in the direction of me.
You keep praying
To get further away from this drab town.
And I keep drowning
While everyone around me is living.

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