It Kills Me, Too

March 18, 2009
By xxmikosanxx SILVER, Wills Point, Texas
xxmikosanxx SILVER, Wills Point, Texas
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When did I realize that nothing I gave
Would ever change the choices you made?
What made you want to kill me too?
Of course I cried when you were through.
Your final move of thoughtlessness
Leaves me and them with all the mess.
This is the last time I'll be here;
I'm screaming this so maybe you'll hear.
Don't tell me that you're finally giving in
Because you never had the courage to live!
How could you be so senseless?
When did you get so selfish?
And I don't want anything else to do
With this and you cause I've been screwed
Over and over but now I quit.
I see the end and we never met.
So watch me leave,
and threaten me:
I won't look behind,
I won't miss the lies,
Because when you say you have nothing left to give,
You're saying I'm not important enough to live.

The author's comments:
for anyone who thought no one cared.
anyone who hurt someone else because they didnt know.
anyone who only thought of their self.
anyone who thought they were the only one that had to hurt.
it isnt true. someone will always miss you. even when you dont think they do. someone always cares. someone is always hurt when you hurt yourself.

i also posted this on deviantART under the username "hrlqnxluvr".

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