I Still

May 3, 2017
By Mahelet BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
Mahelet BRONZE, Joliet, Illinois
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I still love you

I still adore you

I still want to kiss you

I still want to make love to you

I still want you

I still admire you

I still look up to you

I still want to go stargazing with you

I still think about you

I still daydream about you

I still dream about you

I still see you

I still care about you

I still want to talk to you

I still want to cuddle with you

I still want to wake up next to you

I still want to take care of you

I still keep thinking and thinking about you

I still keep wondering what 'friends' meant to you

I still want to hold your hand

I still long for your hugs

I still want to get lost in places no one has gone to

I still think of you as: My Love

                              My Superman

                              My Baby

I still wonder what I did wrong

I still have my arms wide open ready for you to come back to 


The author's comments:

Even if you are together with someone or not you still have feelings for them either as friends or more than friends. If something happens to that friendship or relationship the feelings are still there.It's hard to let go.

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