Broken Doll

March 18, 2009
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Not regreting what I've done
I can no longer cry
It would be so much easier to die
But instead
I escape and can't feel you there
It's all so much more then I could bare
Falling to the ground
Not feeling you as I turn around
You ask me what's wrong
I can no longer reply
You try to save me, but I fear I'm can no longer tear
Even though you sit me up, I still can't see
Is it to be?
I will never feel again?
The bite marks on my arms, the marks on my face
It's too much to erase
The marks all over my arms and legs
I feel like a broken doll with no pegs
To keep me together
Our similiarities keep us apart
That's why I'm in parts
Why do you blame this all on me!
How dare you!
Why do I end up getting all the negative fame?

Why am I the only one in chains?
Am I truely all to blame?
I wish I could fix myself
Even though everyone else
Is mostly fixed and put together
Who would ever want a stupid broken doll?
I smile
To savor my pain all this while
I can't even move
And I have all over my body groves
From all this pain I endured
I am the one that makes this a 'big deal'
I am the one that doesn't allow me to feel
I finally crawl outside to the rain
I hoped it would wash all this pain
Away, but it hurts me so
I now have lost all I know
The paint washes off me
Why me?
With no paint on me
With lies that deceive that only I believe
With groves all over my body
Can this ugly thing really be all that's left of me?
With no peggs that allow me to walk
I could no longer talk
I could only scream inside
As these feeling slowly appear and collide
I know now they will never subside
As long as I hold them
I decide to constanly condemn

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