Where I'm From

March 18, 2009
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'Where I'm from'

I am from make up by every mirror
From flat irons and blow dryers in every outlet
I am from the dog leash on a chair
From the 'take the dog for a walk every night'
I am from fighting for bathroom space with my younger sister
From both of us getting screamed at

I am from the packing my whole room for LBI for the summer
With the hard goodbyes of leaving friends and memories at the end
I am from the room that my sister and I share in that house
And figuring out we can not share a room all year round

I am from Washington Elementary School with the same 3 friends
To James Caldwell High School with all different ones
From being young and playing kickball at recess
To going out and doing all different things

I am from my house packed with family and friends
From good food and good company
I am from my family going everywhere together and not leaving each other sides
Where wherever we go we always find a way to be to loud
I am from aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins watching me grow up
Always hearing 'you're all growing up to fast'

I am from my 7 best friends
Finding out new things about all of them everyday
I am from being sick of them when I spend too much time
To missing them when there not in a minute of my life
I am from having them know every little thing about me
To knowing every little thing about them
I am from crying about my problems and trusting them with advice
To laughing so hard with them I can not breathe

I am from a loving family
From loving friends
I am from making myself better from learning experiences
And not always knowing the right answer
But learning from each and everyone of my mistakes
To make the next situation better

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