Love Unlike Any Other

March 18, 2009
By Suset Perez BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Suset Perez BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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How shall I live without his warm embrace
Sugar kisses from his sweet honey lips
He plants them lovingly upon my face
From my hand his fragile hand slowly slips

I looked away from his emerald eyes
I could not let him see me shed my tears
His father let out an impatient sigh
The moisture on my face confirmed my fears

My little angel, I kissed his cheeks
His father was taking him to art camp
He would leave me for eight entire long weeks
It was so hard letting go of my champ

But how he happily sat in the car
His father smiling as I waved from afar

The author's comments:
Written for Ms. Rosa's English 1 Honors Gifted class. I dedicate this song to all the loving mothers who share a love unlike any other.

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