Love Kills

March 18, 2009
By KrissyKeindl GOLD, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
KrissyKeindl GOLD, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
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She was always in a bad mood
crying her eyes out every night
he was all she ever wanted
but he slowly slipped away

one day
she was thinking to herself
she had finally had enough
and there he goes again
never to come back again
just slowly slipping away
once again

she cried and cried all night
the boy she once loved is gone forever
but she doesn't care
cause now she has found a new guy
better than the last one

one day
at band practice
oh there he goes again
slipping away again
never to come back again
he made her so hot
she never wanted to stop

on day she came home
followed the trail of blood to the kitchen
she must have stabbed him 50 times
she couldn't believe it
what to do
she don't know
was it her
she don't know
the knife's in her hand
it falls to the floor
but it happened once again

she ran to the bathroom
grabbed for the razor
why does she do this
all her crimes have caught up to her
she dug it down deeper and deeper
she runs down stairs
practically passing out
looks over his dead body
and watches the blood drip...
she cried until her heart was content

i ran into her house
she was crying over his body
i yelled her name and asked why?
why did she kill the one she loves?
so many questions to ask
but left unanswered...
deep inside her soul is a hole she don't want to see...
now she goes to jail somewhere she don't want to be...

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