Granny and Her House

March 18, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a house
A pretty little house that everyone loved to see.
It wasn't very big, I wasn't really small
It was just a little trailer outside the small city of Saw.
The house was the color of cr'me
With little white curtains that had matching colored seams.
The flowers out front, oh what a sight
And the dear old Granny inside, well she was just right.
She baked the best cookies anyone had ever seen
Partly so she could have company while they licked the plate clean.
Everyone loved that house and the little granny inside
Then one day, unfortunately she died.
People cried and cried for days
Until there were no more tears to be wiped away.
They buried poor Granny on a sad sunny day
And then went to her house to pack her things away.
Once they were done they let that house sit
Because they knew if they tried to sell it, old Granny would have a fit.
They took good care of that house until the day
Until that day where Saw had to up and move away.
They hated to have that poor old house sit
Because they knew, they knew old Granny would have a fit.
That poor old house, there was nothing they could do
So they decided they just better move.
So up they went and let that house rot
Until one day in that desert wasteland the frames just about dropped.
Now poor old Granny was up there in heaven
And she threw her fit in front of kids age's seven to eleven.
And those cute little kids said Granny don't worry
We know just what to do so we will hurry.
They ran to look for God
Because they knew He could grant the biggest favor of all.
Once they found him they asked, 'God please,
Can you make Granny an old trailer house with a few nice trees?'
He replied of course and up they went glee
Up they went to make that house that Granny had always dreamed.
She thanked God with such glee
And in she went to make her favorite shaped cookies.
The kids asked, 'Old Granny do you like you house?'
And she replied, 'Yes of course, even that cute old mouse.'
Now that old house will always be in her heart
But now she has a new house and a brand new, fresh start.

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