Poison Lovers

March 18, 2009
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Sickness of two holding hands
in this scarlet of sand, bleeds
our hearts to cinders with no sound
left to be said,

The grace will end
but we'll stay hand in hand
burning us to ashes forever to no end,

Deepening tides of stone
shows plagues of fallen snow
that leaves us all alone,

From bone to dust we share the same thoughts shame with our name comes private thought of suicide rain,

No voice with a scream
we sleep with nightmares of Pleasant dreams, as spider webs cover the sky we die in seasons rhyme,

Bueaty comes to our end
as we smear ugliness to our skin
pretend how we smiled again,

To ghosts of grey turn black and blue i swear i love you
i will never forget you,

To frost of chill breaks my wings
grining for the last of my sins
i sink beneathe the waves to meet you praying,

Anchors to drag us down
were speachless and blind
temperature drops to negitive five,

the ravens will come tonight
so i will say goodbye
for this is what i say,

i don't want to part alone and be forever,
i want to part together so we are forever.

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