Dear Men

May 3, 2017
By laurenlowther BRONZE, Delanco, New Jersey
laurenlowther BRONZE, Delanco, New Jersey
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As a woman
My eyes do not shimmer with gold for you
My lips do not scream a bright red for you
Nor does my lipgloss glisten for you
My choices are not for your pleasure

The petite blonde
You catcalled on the streets of the city
Did not choose her clothing for you
Her v-neck shirt wasn’t meant for your eyes to wander
Her skirt wasn’t tight for your appeal
Her heels weren’t for your attention
Her choices are not for your pleasure

The voluptuous woman
Whose skin is the color of chocolate
Did not choose her skin for you
She was born into what she is
And not just a “new experience” for you
Her features you may find appealing were not made for you
Her strong ancestors didn’t raise her to be a one nighter
And just because you asked kindly doesn’t mean she will say yes
Her curvy body is not for your pleasure

The lady who may not be your first choice
Despite how much effort she put into her appearance
or how little, for that matter
Did not choose to look a certain way for you
She has other things to accomplish
And does not need to worry about if she’s your type
Her looks are but a mere insight to her personality
Her appearance is not for your pleasure

As women
Our bodies are not yours
Our faces are not yours
Our outfits are not yours
We will never be choosing for your pleasure
Instead, we will be fighting for our own equality
Our own choices 

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