Don't Read it out Loud

May 2, 2017

Clouds are grey.
Clouds are white.
But everything is darker in the Reaper's shades of night.
Evergreens stay ever green, and a deciduous will always return.
Neither will, if the needles, leaves, and woods are burned.
Trees are burned in the Reaper's shades of night.
Keeping a flame, a fire, just a source for light.
Could it be a star forever dying, a star forever alive?
If alive for love, love is for life.
Needles burn, but crackle and pop.
Leaves burn too, but just crinkle and stop.
Your first steps will always teach you to run.
Walking fast, and touching the past besides your crackling flame.
Some will fall, and never get up.
Some will fall, and stay there crawling.
In the Reaper's shades of night.
You crawl for the flame, and for the star.
For the love that left a scar on your beautiful flame, your beautiful star?
In the Reaper's shades of night.
Your eyes are the stars.
Looking in mine showing your flame, seeing your stars, I'd do the same.
I show you my eyes filled with fire, and threat, and tell you shades of my Reaper's night.
Keep learning to walk, so you can learn to run.
Keep crawling for me, I will keep crawling for you.
Just look into my eyes, please… never look away.
For if I look away I may not want to see the fire, of another Reaper's night.

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