Refuse to Sink

May 2, 2017
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There are days when I feel life has hit me too hard,
The blows I have received have sent me far,
Far away to a place of despair,
I look around to find no one here.
I cried so much that my tears form a sea,
And into the sea, I let myself drown
Like an anchor's chained to my feet and it's pulling me down.
Yet. Even at these dark times, I remind myself
'Get it together! You can get out of this mess!
Refuse to Sink!' - is what I tell myself.
Most days I feel I've had enough,
All the hurt and the pain is just too much.
Those days I feel like letting it all go,
Let my body be taken from a strong sea's flow.
Allow the tides to sweep me away,
Leave me broken, destroyed, alone, astray.
The bags underneath my eyes carry so much weight,
every hour i don't sleep adds to what i cannot take.
But again there is a voice in my head,
'Don't you dare give up just yet
Refuse to sink!' - is what it said.
Today, I walk, a slight smile on my face.
My bruises and scars to me are no disgrace.
I'm still troubled and when sorrow is heading my way,
'Refuse to sink!' - is what I say.

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