Hased,Innocent, and Ugliness.

May 2, 2017
By Anonymous


People are born, grow,
go to school, college, work,
fight, get sick, and die.
but he was not like that.
He was normal but at the
same time extraordinary.
It's Hased, the ugly rich
man, he lived for hundreds
of years and still looks
like 25 year  old man.




Here is this guy
who hates himself .
Stays in the dark alone
so that he wouldn't see

Here is this guy
who never tells anyone
about his own problem but
helps people with their problems.

Here is this guy
who loves people,
who cares for people,
but doesn't care for

Here is this guy
who hides his pain
and heartbreak.
Who thinks he is ugly,
the ugliest person ever.

Here is this guy
who is rich and hateable,
“Ugliness can sometimes
make you hate yourself
and what you think of
yourself will be what other
people think of you”
He lived for so many years
couldn't die even if he wanted
to. He just lived in his hometown,
the Sea House for all those years.

It wasn't easy for him but at the same
time it wasn't hard for him either.
He had everything he wanted
because he was rich.

He wasn't a ghost but he
looked like one.
People grow up but not him.

All people hated him.
He wasn't a bad person but
just because he was ugly
and not like them.

He hated his life because of
his ugly, friendless, and lonely-life.

The author's comments:

This retells beauty and the beast.

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