The Auld Man

March 18, 2009
By Anonymous

As I sit here, by my window gazing across the sea,
I think back to those golden times when I was young and free.
Everyone lives their lives, looking towards a brighter day
but they never take the time to stop along their merry way.

One day as I was walking, on a freezing day
an old man sat unmoving, almost as if he'd passed away.
I asked him "What are you doing, shouldn't you be at home?"
And he replied "Ah, but I am my child!" in a gravely tone.

"You see, after living so long, my eyes are fully wide!
I see everything that truly matters!" he said with greatest pride.
"What people don't realize, through wealth, happiness or care,
is that the things that matter just as much are ones that are always there."

At the time I simply shook my head, and went along my way;
But after some time of thought, when all my hair turned grey,
I realized that he was right; every day is the brightest of days.

The author's comments:
I would like it if this poem was not published (not that it would be anyway), mostly because I didn't try very hard on it.

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