Lacking You

May 1, 2017

From that first text all we would do was talk
But now when we’re together all you do is walk
Away from me and anything to do with me
I guess you just don't see what I see

You like to work constantly with your free time
But you don't truly see what I do with mine
From inside of school I really look lazy as hell
And you really don't like that in people I can tell
With prom I messed up, I admit that wasn't fair
My lazy a** thought you didn't care
If you saw me outside of school you'd understand
You'd see I'm more productive than any average man

I told you how I felt down from my core
And ever since then we don't text anymore
We talk in school but not how we used to
I wanted us to talk like we’re tried and true
I asked you to EDC Las Vegas and you gave me the cold shoulder
We’re just going downhill as one giant boulder
And a boulder going downhill can not stop
So please don't let us drop, let's get to our hilltop

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