Shake the dust

May 1, 2017
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This is for the insecure girls
This is for the players
This is for the nerds who were laughed at by the not so bright ones
This is for the ones who always fail but never give up
This is for the netflix binging ones
And for the girls chasing after the guy they will never have
Shake the dust

This is for the benches where friendships and relationships start
This is for the kid that works and goes to school
This is for the ones that seem perfect and happy  but  are actually sad with many flaws
This is for the midnight eaters
And for the little kids who dream of almost the impossible
Shake the dust

This is for the 98 year olds
Who are loved by the ones who worry about how much time they have left with them
Shake the dust
For the girls with the beautiful friends
Shake the dust

For the brothers that have a sister struggling
For the girls and boys whose parents are never home
For the kid who is always early at school because things are rough at home
For the guy who loves somebody else
Shake the dust

This is for the ones who want love but know that it won’t come
For the ones who are never appreciated
This is for the ones who don’t want to show their true colors
But life is too short to not be yourself
So, appreciate others and live your life to the fullest
And shake the dust

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