Protest Poem

May 1, 2017

You are to stand up for what is right
Even though it might start a fight
As long as it does not disturb the peace it is alright
There are peaceful ways to make a protest
Some people don't know that
It's okay to stand up for your people, why wouldn't it be
I would be doing the same things if it were happening to me
What's not right is how the police treat blacks these days
They treat them unfair, without a care
You wouldn't even have to stare to see that it's evident
Some thought things would get better, since we just had our first black president
I'm not from their culture, but I still know what's wrong and what's right
They get away with the murder of their innocent brothers and sisters
Someone needs to tell them they can't keep doing this or things will get messy
Maybe they already have, but the police seem to think it's okay
Maybe if it were happening to their own people, they wouldn't feel the same way
Sometimes all we can do is hope and pray they put their guns away
Hoping to make this place a better place to stay
A place we all call our home, the USA.

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