You left me

March 18, 2009
By XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
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You left me happy, joyful, and wholesome.
When I first had you I was no longer lonesome.
You brightened my day and warmed my night,
When I had you everything was alright.
I showed how I loved you, every day,
I was so sure you felt the same way.
You made me smile, you made me care,
The way you were always there.
I couldn't have asked for a better love,
No there's not another I can think of.
I know I make mistakes, everyone will,
I made a bad one, but still''.

You left me sick, sad and cold.
You left me alone, to wither and grow old.
I loved you, you know, and you broke my heart.
Your choices have now brought us apart.
I knew that you loved me but why did you leave?
I guess I was fooled, and led to believe.
I was led to believe you actually cared,
you might have been shy or may have been scared.
But how did it all lead to our end?
You said it was ok, and you'd always be my friend.
But a friend is just too painful, I'll only be sad,
When I look at you and see what I could've had.
I guess I'll always be lonely like this,
And never again have that true love kiss.

You left me broken, tattered, and torn.
Sometimes I wish I had never been born.
I know I hurt you first; it was the wrong thing to do,
But why do you have to be spiteful and do the same thing too?
Did I really hurt you bad enough to deserve that?
You move me aside to replace me with him,
You did it without thinking, just chose on a whim.
I guess I really did deserve it,
if I hadn't of messed up, we could have been perfect.
But I guess that's just the way things go.
You get back the actions you show.
So to whom it may concern,
Do the right thing and you won't have to learn
That true love comes once,
You win or you lose.
It's a life or death matter, you scar and you bruise.
But in time you'll see, one way or another,
There is someone out there; you'll be with each other.

I know that I've hurt you, and I've paid the price,
but couldn't you this once sacrifice?
Just one more chance, that's all I need,
for us to love and our souls to be freed.
But that chance won't come,
no not this time.
Our chances are done.
And you said 'its fine'.
Well it's not, you see,
and it never will be
for I died that day.
The day
you left me

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on Mar. 22 2011 at 10:28 am
stephanie evelyn SILVER, Wheaton, Minnesota
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wow i am sorry but this kinda reminds me when i dumbed u:'(

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