March 18, 2009
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You told me that you loved me
That you couldn't live without me
But then I turn around
And find out you've been saying this to another
What should I do
My head's telling me to go
My heart's telling me to trust you
But everytime I trust you
It turns out to be a lie
So I'm trusting what my head is saying
And I'm leaving you behind
You were my strength when I was weak
You were a shoulder to rest my head on
But now all of that is gone
I have to move on
I can't have a relationship
That's based on a lie
My heart is breaking
I hate to do this
But you give me no choice
I thought you really did love me
But I guess that was all a game
I can't believe
You did this to me
You have made it
To where it's impossible
For me to love again
'Cause I'm afraid to be hurt again
I just wanna know one thing
Why did you do this to me

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