March 18, 2009
By shirley liriano BRONZE, New York, New York
shirley liriano BRONZE, New York, New York
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she feels an agony
in her heart
for what she did was really wrong
don't know why
don't know how
all she wants its to end it now
she tries to end it but she can't
this she will never forget
is like a voice in her head
is telling her to do something bad
is like a nightmare in a dream
she can't control it
she can't stop it
is like she's addicted
is like she can't do anything about it
she promises she'll stop but she just can't!!
that little voice in her head is driving her mad
she tries to stay away but she can't !!
she thinks over and over
oh,why can't it stop,why can't it end ?
she knows it's bad
she knows it's not good
but she can't keep away because she's hooked
she needs to realize that she's addicted and that she needs help
because one of these days she'll lose everything and herself...

The author's comments:
this poem did not happen to me,I just got in the place of someone who is addicted and how it would feel.I made this poem for a class in 7 grade and I edit it and made it better in the 9 grade and now its in my poem notebook.

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