The Dance

March 18, 2009
By Sarah Jozwiak BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
Sarah Jozwiak BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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Return to the past
Return to the dance
Around every corner
We turn in a trance.
The melody unbroken
The rhythm is strong
We belong, to the Dance

The flow of the music
The flow of the song
Brings back a time
When nothing was wrong.
The innocence of a child
A bond of adventure
Held us together, in the Dance

Lost in a harmony
Lost in a daze
Nothing exists
Stuck in the haze.
A tremble of discord
A new tune is played
We listen, to the Dance

A song to be spoken
A song to be heard
Shatters the glass
Freeing the bird.
To the same skies above
The wind in its wings
It flies, with the Dance

The tempo is changing
The tempo plays on
But no longer can we dance
To our favorite song.
It's time to fly
A new wind has come
Take me away, from the Dance

The tune is lost
The tune is faded
But it cannot be lost
Not completely, no.
We were forced to move on
As we started to grow
We left, The Dance

Notes in a memory
Notes on a paper
The heart shall remember
What was there before.
No matter the joys
No matter despair
We were there, in the Dance

The beat of a step
The beat of a heart
Cannot be stopped
Will never depart.
No matter the spirit
The sway of the song
We all belong to the Dance

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