Control : Poem 3 of my: Six : Spoken word poetry: anthology

April 20, 2017

I wanted to go out for some fresh air today,

But then I remembered how stressed out you are from things I don't even know about.

It does not even concern me but I feel as though I should take responsibility by suffering alone.

After all, these days I have been throwing away,

Everything you've worked hard to give me and that kills you inside.

But I am already dead so is it cruel of me to want to come back to life, even at the cost of yours?

How needy of me; you have money and I don't,

Just a reminder - I'm fifteen.

I'm sick in the head now but it won't make a difference,

I've never been allowed to take a day off ill.

You said that I'll become like her if I don't go to school every day,

You've made her feel worthless and ruined my confidence, news flash - I'm already like her.

The labels that you've put me under to give me a better life,

Because of them I'm always stressed out.

Anyone grateful would be thrilled to be a part of that is that so?

Well you claimed we were ungrateful from the get go so I'll take the title now.

I'm not thrilled in anyway but with regards to being grateful,

Is it not your responsibility to do what you do?

I'm in awe of God for creating this beautiful earth,

But I have never thanked the sun for shining it's light.

Why would someone throw all this away?

It was never their calling to begin with.

Now I'm not saying I am absolutely against education,

But if the cheaper and less known school that teaches the exact same things with the addition of my happiness is not education,

And education is the school which is mainly a label housing a lot of people- and not a single one of them is not self-conceited,

The one that makes me have to be 'grateful' every day and not want to live my life and explore,

Because what more would I possibly want?

The one that makes me needy yet I never even asked for it,

If that is the definition of education I would rather be uneducated.

I would rather be uneducated than grow under your control.


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