Gone : Poem 2 of my Six: Spoken word poetry; anthology

April 20, 2017

I know I keep so many secrets,

But if your thoughts were as dark as mine you wouldn't want anyone to see them.

I suppose it shouldn't matter because we have all got a past,

But if mine was revealed to you I bet that this love wouldn't last.

This isn't even about that though; it's about how you say that I don't express my feelings.

My apologises, when someone tells me that they love me I just can't believe it,

So whenever I think I love someone I never see it being returned.

And that's when I keep it in,

But I make the mistake of not letting any of my emotions be seen.

I know that you're different, but everyone's different yet deep down we're all the same.

You let me see your deep down though, something that not many people do,

And I wanted to tell you that I valued that, that I love you, because it's true.

It was in my control but I didn't and wouldn't show you my deep down,

Now I want to but you're gone and it is not just for now.

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