April 20, 2017
By Frisk1415 BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
Frisk1415 BRONZE, Philly, Pennsylvania
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“Look, a kitty is following us!” One day I was walking home from school with my sister. We was close to the school, and each other. I was in 5 or 6th grade, and she was in kindergarden or in 1st grade.
“Look, a kitty is following us!” she said.

“What? Oh cool!”

I bent down to pet it, and it ran straight into my hand. It was almost like it wanted to get pet. Then I loved animals, I mean I was obsessed with animals.

“She sure is cute, can we keep her zarreah?” At the time I couldn’t tell if a cat was a girl or boy, so i just went with girl. My mom and dad would not allow another cat in the house, and if I brung this cat in the cat at home might murder her, uhhhh it.

“ Girl! Did you lose the brain you got! NO WAY! You know mom would murder us, and let's not even mention what dad would do.”Our parents was always strict with us.I suddenly got quite, so did my sister.Ok, maybe I was a little too hard on her, I mean she is 6.

  `“Look, my point is …… fine I’ll see what i can do, but you can’t tell mom, ok?’’ She jumped up happily and nodded. We went home and it was STILL BEHIND US. I unlocked the door trying to ignore it.
“Uhh zarreah it’s-”


I couldn’t do anything else so I scooped it up and brought it in. My sister ran upstairs to meet my brother. Meanwhile I was feeding the cat, I named it Fluffy. My mom called me upstairs , I HAD to go so I put my mom’s coat on Fluffy. When I came back I saw my cat getting ready to attack Fluffy. It seemed that Fluffy didn’t know what was going on.

“Oh shoot, NO BAD CAT, COOKIE” I took Fluffy in my room and hid her in my closet, I knew that my dad came home at 5:00. Knowing this I realised that this was a VERY BAD MISTAKE. I took Fluffy downstairs, and  snuck it out the back door.At that time my dad walked in the door.

“What are you doing?”  I jumped and stood really still, I was stiff. “ uhhhh… ma-making sure the back door was locked haha?”

“ Upstairs, NOW!” I ran upstairs and when i got to my room a laid in my bed and let out a loud sigh. That night i missed Fluffy. I looked up at my ceiling in the dark. I hope Fluff’s ok. I miss it… her already. I miss her soft white fur, her blue eye’s, her purr-. Just then cookie jumped on me, I guessed for attention so I petted her, it wasn’t the same as petting Fluffy. I could’ve kept her, hahaha her Fluffy tale was why I called her Fluffy, but now that I think back…. It was a stupid name.she was so quiet, almost never meowed.

“ Hahaha, I love you fluffy, wherever you are”


“ Zip it, cookie.”

The author's comments:

This was a class assignment, and i really wanted to post somethin.... so yeah, enjoy.

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