Heart Break/ I Die Slow

March 18, 2009
By brian rafael BRONZE, Orange, California
brian rafael BRONZE, Orange, California
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I put everything of yours in a box and i closed it/never to be opened, good byes were left unspoken/ the path that i have chosen, never to look back/
Your lies left our trust broken, lust replacing that/ending any pact we kept, tears we wept, past regrets/at last i let, go and mask my dead soul /mad doggin, smokin sacks of indo/feels like hell, but i think im trapped in limbo/with no where to go/but Oh, wait there go those old gates/return my old fate to burn in your place/and in case you were wondering/yes your face, is burned in place, of my memories plus your voice thuindering/Just tryin to keep my head up but i think im going under n'/pain strikes the heart the horror has me suffreing/but what dont kill me only make me tougher n'/cant help recall all the words we uttered when/i was left alone,stareing at everything around my home/Thoughts stop drifting, and start shifting/ Lifting, my eyes from my hands, empty/with memories so strong they don't let me/Think clearly, so i sink nearly, hitting the floor/ slumping against the wall wounded, what more/ could i take, was it fake, no heart brake, is real i feel it/ eyes red now kneeling, peeling, away the layers of lies/ every word said buzzing around my head like flies/ my eyes, wrapped in tears/ wipe my face, scrap my fears/ as i peer, deeper and deeper into emptyness/ forever filled with pain and stress/ no rest for the unblessed, soul and so...... i die slow, slow slow

The author's comments:
anyone who has gone through a messed up situation with that one person you loved can relate to this

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