Not Wanted

March 18, 2009
By Dani Mortarotti BRONZE, Encino, California
Dani Mortarotti BRONZE, Encino, California
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The way i am treated
I feel so cheated
I am here every day
waiting for a simple hey
All i get is grief
a heart stealing theif
waiting for a non back stabbing friend
a person who lets go of the knife
and creates a mend
between me and the rights
the rights to feel human
i see darkness no lights
a big whooshing fan
a loud tree falls
and i hear screaming calls
calling mee, to breathe
but i worry about being me
i sit still with heavy weight on my shoulder
as i sit waiting for someone, im just getting older
No beep of a phone
no stupid chats, their all gone
and i am left here to feel emptiness
a whole brocken from all the mess
i pick up the pieces but as i go get the last
i get slamed into the mess, its vast
i need a friend to help clean up the crap
caused through my lifes empty flap
the flap is were the heart should be
i have been ripped apart so much, cant you see
its gone
look, im all alone
my heart feels so cold
its frozen with all the mold
the mold of the horid words i hear
eating away the little bit of heart i fear
im going
im slipping
the temptations
the thoughts are too strong
my brain can only handle a few, for only so long
what is happening to me
im slipping away with the soft breeze
im gone
do you notice my longing
i am just looking for a calling

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