A Practiced Dance

March 18, 2009
By Kelsey Brasil BRONZE, Oakville, Other
Kelsey Brasil BRONZE, Oakville, Other
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A girl only wanting to do the basic movements
Only wanting to be a success
She has planned each smooth transition
And every unique extension
Hold 3, 2, and 1

When glanced at her movements
They seem clean, peaceful and in control
She has practiced
Making every flinch every pause as convincing as she could

But after glancing you can't help but stare
Quickly the dance becomes a cry for mercy
Every move made in solitude
The girl flails her arms
And struggles to break free
Each circle of her torso is an attempt to release her pain
Every extension stretching her emotionally
You begin to see inside the dancer. The way she moves explains her fight against herself

She repeats her practiced dance
Only this time she is transparent
You can see her captured soul crying for help in sync with every dramatic move
She battles herself across the stage
Crashed to her knees and continuing her aggressive moves against the floor
The girl is fighting herself mentally
She is hurting

She'll keep practicing
Until she reaches a point where every struggle her mind created is eliminated
She'll no longer be crashed to the floor
This girls story that you've seen will one day finish on her feet

When she moves it will follow the music not her own scream
She'll close her eyes and smile as she races across the floor in clean gorgeous form
The dancer will continue her dreams with her heart
And dance like a success
Because she won her battle.
She told her story.
And someone listened.

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