Puzzle Pieces

March 17, 2009
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In solitude I think,
My mind on the brink,
Of discovering the missing part
To the puzzlement of my heart.

The wind grazes my face,
I look towards the sky to find a trace,
Of the answers I cannot seem to place,
And the memories I cannot erase.

Can happiness be found in this way I'm living?
Is it joy or sorrow that it'll be giving?
All I know is I'm fine with my life,
And the mistakes I've made will not occur twice.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the way it's ment to be,
But all I need is patience and time will set me free.
Each day I grow a little bit more,
I'm striving and persisting to get through that door.

I may not be able to find the right words of expression,
But I'm strong enough to stray away from recession.
People may come and go like the tide,
But the ones who truly matter stay along for the ride.

So whether you're a memory or a memory in the making,
And even if you've always been around for the taking,
It's each and every puzzle piece that keeps my life from breaking.

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