If Only

March 17, 2009
By Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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If only this were a dream,
Just like a movie scene,
One chance for me to redeem,
All the wrong I seem to bring.

If only this were a lie,
And at night I wouldn't cry,
I could just become a bird and fly,
Up into the Heavens; so peaceful in the sky.

If only I could rewind time,
To take back my crime,
I'd do it right on the flip of a dime,
And then I'd never have to write this rhyme.

If only I knew then what I know now,
I could've alredy learned this lesson somehow,
Instead seeds of approval and acceptance we would plow,
No harm, no pain, no deceit, no foul.

We could be Happy with Trust,
Our Love to be seen as more than just Lust,
Our family united and not scattered like dust,
Our lives Perfect instead of having to fight as we now Must.

If only fogiveness came as easy as Pain,
And that one More chance we could Finally gain,
To show that time really Does bring change,
That forgiveness and redemption really ARE within range.

If only You could see how I really feel,
Hurting you was never ment to be part of the deal,
And that you could all see that this Love is Real,
My regret and Honest Sorrow aren't something I just cooked up like a meal.

If only I was Wise enough to do the Right thing then,
So I wouldn't have to wait and struggle to win,
We could start off good from square one,
And I could be with him the right way so this could all be Done.

"If only" is something I'm sure we All wish,
However God had a plan when he served us up this dish.
So compromising is the Only way to get us there,
All we need is Faith, Hope, Love and The Power of PRAYER.

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