March 17, 2009
By Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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You can't see the sorrow behind my bright smile,You can't see the pain I'm hiding all the while.You can't see the tears as they build up inside my eyes,And you can't see despair hidden within my happy lies.You can't see that I'm slowly breaking apart,You can't see the emptiness that grows inside my heart.You can't see the true person within,And you can't see battle that I'm trying to win.You're so blinded by your anger and your hate,That you can't see that my smiles are fake.You're Too busy trying to control my life,That you're blind to all of my troubles and my strife..Can't you see that Money doesn't buy you Love?That you can't just simply buy my affections!Can't you see that your actions were more of just a shove,That pushed me away from you and all of your objections.I wish you cared enough to open your eyes,That you loved me enough to Never make me cry.The bruises may fade and become unseen,But the Scars inside will always remain unclean.So one day I hope that your blindness will heal,And you'll Finally be able to understand the way I feel.Maybe then things will be like they were before,And then Maybe one day all our fights will be no more.

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