Chest pain.

March 17, 2009
By Samantha McKinlay BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
Samantha McKinlay BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
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The hair of his thigh rose to hail the cold steel table.

He begins to describe this new afflicted pain in his chest.

The doctor checks his vitals to see if he is stable.

'Breathe in' sighs the doctor as he places the stethoscope over his breast.

The boy inhales the sterile air, then exhales, then repeats.

'There seems to be nothing wrong.' The doctor suggests.

He is turned towards the door, back out into the streets.

Coming home he collapses on the mattress in an attempt to get some rest.

'This pain, where my heart is supposed to be; will it ever go away?'

He closes his eyes on that single question and begins to drift.

The next day, he finds himself back in the hospital waiting room still feeling grey.

The room seemed empty; all except for one girl who had caused his attention to shift.

He swallowed down his courage and asked 'What are you here for?'

She said 'There's this pain where my heart is supposed to be, but suddenly I can't feel it anymore.'

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