Candy Dreams

March 17, 2009
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In a sea of colors, I find myself.
Green, purple pink, blue,
all the colors of the rainbow.
All shapes and sizes.
And many different flavors surround me.
All too good to resist.

I run through a field of licorice.
Then I abruptly come to the edge of a chocolate river.
I look up and down stream, looking for a tree.
Then I spot it, the perfect tree.
As I approach the tree,
I see that it is a tootsie roll in the shape of a tree.
And hanging from a branch higher up in the tree is a rope.
I climb the tree, up to the branch,

Only to discover that it was a green apple sour punch straw.
As I grab hold of the rope like candy,
I take in a deep breath then exhale.
I jump from the branch and swing through the air.
I swing like Tarzan,
soaring through the air at an amazing speed.
Then I let go and soar high,
and before I know it I break the rivers surface.

I swim to the surface and to the rivers edge.
Breathing in the milk chocolaty aroma, I dry off.
While walking I hear the chirping of marshmallow peeps.
I stumble across a nerd path and follow it.
Then after hours of walking,
I' stopped dead in my tracks.
By the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen,
a lake of skittles.
All of the different flavors.
I run across the nerd covered shore to the waters edge.
I devour the largest amount of skittles ever,
in about thirty seconds.
That night I fell asleep on a Reese's peanut buttercup.
I had a cotton candy pillow and bubble gum tape blanket.
Everything went black as my eyes closed.

Then in just seconds my eyes shoot open.
To, see me chewing on my pillow.
My mom was knocking on my door,
telling me that it was time to get up.
Alarm clock sounding,
I stumble out of bed and across my room.
While in the process,
I slap the snooze button.
Its Friday I tell myself,
as I climb into the shower.
The weekend is here,
I just have to get through school.
AHH those weekend dreams.

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