Scars of War

March 17, 2009
By pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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The days have long passed
when I felt alive
in this spirit of deception
I'm trying to survive

Looking into this mirror
I can see myself burnt alive
the monster that I am
its not that I'm a psycho
maybe I've just gone insane

I've faced a thousand demons
seen Judgment Day come and go
the broken spirits, bloody warriors
trying to heed the call

they say we're patriotic
its all heart and soul
but deep down they kill us
slowly drowning us in it all

The front line is our element
or so they say
the warriors of this country
but I've seen greater fall

The broken roads
I try to run
but its too far now
I'm too far gone

I'm trying to forget
the battle in my eyes
but I can't kill the rage in my veins
It's too late to lose these ways

I try to clear it all away
but forever haunting me
the day of defeat
when I let my conscious die
Bullets whining through the air
like infants and pitbulls
facing off
my own steel heavy on my back
thousands of lives
through a crossed out sight

The enemy shadows growing longer still
as night began to rise
faces of the other men
blurring with those of my friends

Tears and sweat
falling to my eyes
I came to be honored
how could I have ever felt
that there was glory here?

I know long years have stretched
but time is still the same
I may have left the field
but it hasn't let me go

they call me a soldier
but its made me a monster
and staring at my reflection
I see not a hero
but a hollow, broken creature
a side effect of human nature
for that is what I am

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on Apr. 25 2009 at 4:13 am
ambreviews GOLD, New Hope, Minnesota
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This is really great. I love it! It all seems to flow very nicely.

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