Thank You Mother

March 17, 2009
By JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
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For painting pink hearts in my room
And letting my flowers outside bloom
For keeping all my little crafts
And always making me laugh
Thank you

For taking me shopping for clothes I don't really need
And praising all my good deeds
For having lunch just you and me
And soothing my cries from the sting of a bee
Thank You

For making up after we fight
And when it's dark making light
For knowing that I'm a miniature you
And for seeing things through
Thank You

For letting me make my own mistakes
And teaching me how to bake
For showing me how to get up when I fall
And that I can do anything big or small
Thank You

For all the time you spend
Being my friend
For being there when I've cried
And giving me advice as my guide
Thank You

For letting me make my own choice
And hearing my nonstop voice
For letting me try new things
And for giving me room to spread my wings
Thank You

For giving all the love I could ask for
And being there for recitals, and more
For being like no other
But most of all for being my mother
Thank You

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