Owen,My Love

March 18, 2009
By , TORONTO, Canada

I remember the first day
I spent looking in your eyes
I couldn't look away
The crisp in your hair
I felt the spiritual air for the first time
You made me feel love
Even though I only knew your name
True love was so alive
I just want to give it to you too
Ohhh , my love is true
And I know we could be together
Almost forever
Does anybody feel the way I do?
I can just close my eyes and never stop thinking about him
He's my gem
And the chemistry is powerful
Feeling a pull towards him I just had to tell him my name
As lame as I felt I could not tame the beast in my heart
Nor could I have ever imagined being apart
I knew one day he'd be more then a sweetheart,
And more then a lover
A lover that would soon be hovered with my thoughts and dreams
We would discover one another
lose as a brother, nurture as a mother
Never another
He's my lover
Owen he is
And I hope were goin' somewhere
Cause I can feel a sweet smoothing sunshine with love in the air

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