New Born Sin

November 12, 2008
By Elaine Landi, Carrollton, TX

Tears roll down the freckled skin
From what she has found out to be true
Inside her the other heart beats
Slow and sound, with kicking feet
Skin stretched thin and gaping stares
That only sees the mistake of one night’s affair
Not her face, not her eyes, or the pain within
Not her open mouth and quivering chin
She will dress it in soft shades of pink
With no father there, the missing link
Bosom swells as they blossom for nursing
Mother and father furious and cursing
Sent away she had to leave
Wishing she could take back that time he and she conceived
Water spilling out from the womb
Reflecting back with shadows of gloom
Now holding in her shaking arms
She holds the reason why there has been fear and harm
Tears roll down her freckled skin
Not knowing where to go with her new born kin

The author's comments:
This is based off a true story, I am a 15 year old aunt to my 18 year old brother's 6 month old daughter. The mother only saw love for her daughter, but I know she will always regret her teen pregnancy.

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