Picture Perfect; More like Pathetic

November 10, 2008
By Paula Andrea Vives, SPRINGFIELD, MO

I've got a heavy heart
And borrowed time always trying to lift it up
My lungs can't breath
But more smoke will never cure my angst
I've got an aching throat
Always thirsting for more
But drinks with rented friends
Will never make me smirk
I've got a sting of fear
Always running up my veins
Cold hands on sober nights
And whispered thoughts always fighting back
You keep calling me in dreams
Your hymn always so perfect
Always promising the best, I've got to listen
Always admitting it's got an ugly ending, I will ignore.
Just picture pretty walks with my enemy, my only friend
Picture perfect, more like pathetic.

The author's comments:
This poem is meant to remind those who fall for drugs, due to their effects, to remember how low they sometimes feel after abusing drugs and hanging out with those who encourage them to do drugs. Be wise about your choices.

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