April 18, 2017

A desolate void of unmitigated nothingness;
An algid abyss of utter obscurity.
An idol force yet to be inspired,
A glimpse of potential yet to be envisioned.

An aphonic command awakens the hibernal sun,
An aqueous amber glow envelops the earth.
A prophesied name whispered by the stars;
A forlorn destiny woven into twilight’s hiemal tapestry.

A flicker of life swiftly catching fire.
A new creation arises out of dust.
A thirst for knowledge;
A passion for life.

A blazing inferno consumes mankind’s terrestrial abode,
A behemothic wave swallows all life.
A thunderous temblor echoes from within
an exacerbated chasm.
An untamed force like none ever witnessed.

A renewal of life ensues from infernal obliteration,
A rebirth of soul reconciles humanity’s malignant existence.
A radiant beacon of divinity guiding souls
to everlasting tranquility.
An omnipotent Spirit of celestial brilliance offering
the promise of eternal bliss.

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