I thought I new

April 12, 2017
By Mavoreh24 BRONZE, Advance, North Carolina
Mavoreh24 BRONZE, Advance, North Carolina
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Right as I thought out relationship was about to blossom
All you could say was that I was awesome


I knew from the start
That you would shatter my heart


I just can't understand that time you held my hand
And I don't expect you to give a damn


But I guess I got mixed signals from you
And the feelings I thought you had for me were untrue


Trust me when I say this poem isn't to make you look like a d***
But you should at least feel like a prick


I let you in and showed you my affection
Only to face your cold stone rejection


Now you are just avoiding me
Leaving me to wonder how can this be


I thought I made it clear I wanted to be your friend
I didn't want things between us to end


I lost you once because I was dumb
Then realized when I'm with you I'm not so glum


But now I feel you won't even look at me
And when I look at you I see everything that could be


So if this is how I'm going to be treated
Then I guess I would rather it be we have never meeted


I am so tired of being treated wrong
For opening up about how I have felt all along


Now do try and apologize to me
Because right now I finally feel free

The author's comments:

This one goes out to someone who I thought was special. Boy was I worng.

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