April 12, 2017
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I thought that girl was my friend

She complimented me and said we should hang

We shared friends and occasional laughs

A friend of a frined I thought she was my friend too

But now I know the truth

When I look away her smile turns to a sneer

I have seen her warm brown eyes turn green with envy

Once cheering for my success

Now standing across the room glaring

Most onlookers will not know as they stand from afar

To strangers our interactoins are cordial and kind

We appear to be friends

But strangers see with their eyes

True friends know as they look with their hearts

They can see absence of connection

The presence of competition surrounds us

What should be glowing and genuine is shallow and fake

Her words to my face are different behind my back

It is one of life's lessons when you are trusting a soul

No matter how it looks, a frenemy is not your friend.

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