Elegy to Earth

April 12, 2017
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Goodbye, my dear sweet space rock.
I have lived off you like a leech for too long.
Your life source depleting ,
Your features receding,
And this relentless cycle repeating,
Where you keep on giving,
And I keep on taking.
So, for your sake,
I cannot stay here with you.
My dear, you are better off without me.
I know this may seem cheesy,
But it's really me and not you this time.
I could say your lack of potential,
And my actions thereafter sequential,
In the lack of interest I have for you forevermore,
But, nevermore,
Shall I breathe in your sweet air,
Billowing through your hairs.
Or listen to the briny words you speak,
When your waves begin to peak,
Over mountains after mountains of your alkaline water.
You were once a lively, little planet,
With attractive, beautiful idiosyncrasies galore.
Until I came and took most of your life from you,
And it is with little ado,
That I choose to move,
On to the next sustainable rock I can find.

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