Breathtaking Wind

April 11, 2017
By Anonymous

If only i could wither with the wind and decompose peacefully with no worries or distractions.
If only i could gaze up at the sun and see a bright light shining above me.

Oh how i long for that day to approach me blindsided.

If only i could see without telescopic eyes that zoom and destruct every piece worth loving.

If only i had arms to wrap around my lifeless body to squeeze so tightly the broken pieces might somehow fall back into place.
But i have this voice. A voice filled with words so intimidating i’m too afraid to look the other way, and listen to a voice that isn’t so damaged. Words that i listen so regretfully that blacken my heart and cause it to crack and crumble.
And it is then that i’m in such deep need of those loving arms to fix every flaw so terribly flawed.
Oh how i long for that day when the sun is just a bright light shining above me. Or that peaceful moment when i finally have the chance to wither with the wind, the breathtaking wind.

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