April 11, 2017

There are things you should and should not be afraid of
You shouldn’t be afraid of your bed but what lies underneath
You shouldn’t be afraid of the darkness but what’s lurking that you don’t see
You aren’t scared of the ocean but the creatures in the deep
Or the darkness in the basement but the demons beneath
And you shouldn’t be afraid of me but the thing inside me
The thing that grows with fierceful strength
Plucking the few petals left on my flower of sanity
I feel my inner demons taunting me
Telling me to come their way
My head screams yes but my heart says no
Suddenly it happens,  my body start to shift
My muscles getting weak
I start to feel the darkness overtake me
Tackle me to my knees
Finally the pain stops and my eyes open wide
Seeing a little girl with a small teddy bear
Standing at the top of the stairs
I realize now I am becoming my own worst nightmare?
My heart starts to race and my mouth begins to water
‘Come here’ I say ‘There’s nothing you shouldn’t fear’

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