Broken Tragedy

March 14, 2009
The children haven't eaten for several days, maybe even a week,
She spends her last dime on their children, a tear falls from her cheek.
She's surprised watching her kids finally eating,
Although she knows fairly soon she'll be getting a beating.
Her husband is most definitely a drunk,
He's once locked the kids in the car trunk.
Soon the drunken man is home, without resisiting she is now found.
After a savage beating, the children hear no sound.
As crazy as this may seem,
The children are all hoping that this is nothing but a dream.
The most generous, loving mother and wife,
The kind you'd never again meet in your entire life.
But God made the mud, God made the dirt,
But He didn't make men to make the women hurt.
Years later, her children now found the means,
They've learned that the world isn't as twisted as it seems.
They were taught to take the leap and learn to love,
But now they've captured all the love they've ever wanted, like a ball and a glove.
Now they've both got a family all of their own,
Their memories are patched up, already been sewn.

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Jordan B. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 31, 2009 at 12:36 am
Wow, this is a very powerful piece. The imagery was so strong, it sent chills down my spine with the " god made the mud, god made the dirt..." couplet. Very excellent.
Although, i got a little bit lost with the sudden transition into the kids grown up. Consider taking a bit more time in between the mom being beat and the kids finding out that life is worth living.
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