April 14, 2017
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You stand in the mirror, trying to give yourself the perfect body.
You stand in the mirror, for hours, trying to make yourself like the other hotties.
What reason do you have,
To wish,
You were half your size.
You may not be a size zero.
But you are somebody's hero.
Now somebody sees you struggle.
Somebody tells the rest,
Now your in a mess.
Because everybody knows.
It shows,
On your face as you walk past the class because you walk by fast,
Faced with the problems even the smaller girls have.
Have you thought of that?
That you are not alone?
Shown some kindness can go a long way.
Don't put her down,

She already does that to herself.

She may be struggling but no more than the rest,
Of us who try to be beautiful and get out of this mess.
We all have our reasons,
It may be the seasons.
Everybody wants the perfect summer body,
To impress the other hotties.
But we are blessed to be unique in our own way.
Who is to say,
That I am not beautiful?
Beauty is not something that can be judged off one person's thought or mind.
I refuse to be defined,
But what one person has thought.
I may not be hot,
To you.
But I was not put here to please your eyes.
She sighs,
Finally finding relief,
She went all this time,
Thinking about others,

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