...You left me for her...

April 14, 2017
By , Chinle, AZ

The endless nights I have thinking of you,

But i guess you can all this Deja Vu.


You just threw me away,

Without you i am just some stray.


How could you know what i feel inside?

I feel like I just died...


My heart is in so many pieces,

My sorrow just increases.


I loved you so much,

I would be happy if our hands touch.


Just remeber this day,

The first day i am never okay.


You made your choice,

You rose your voice.


And told me you wanted to "Breakup",

It made me blowup.


You chose her over me,

I'd think of you with songs on my MP3.


I miss everything about us,

We always sat together on the bus.


Ive never been this way before.

We fought a huge war.


i regret the things Ive said.

Without saying anything, you left instead.


You broke me with pieces that i can not fix,

You finally used your bag of tricks.


I loved you to the fullest,

My heart is punctured from your words that are like bullets.


On the outside i may look fine and happy,

but on the inside i feel crappy.


You left me for her, 

but i dont understand how we differ.


She makes you happy like i used to,

But i guess i saw the true you.


On the other hand, 

i really understand.


You left me for her,

To you I was nothing but a blur...

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