April 14, 2017

We march all day
The hot sun beats us down
As we drag our feet and make our rounds
Dew like sweat was covering us
We worked hard and knew we would never give up
The air was dry, hot, and humid
But we still continue to keep on moving

We stand in formations
We think we're changing the nation
We were paving the way
But do they even here what we say?

Peaceful protesting or so it's supposed to be
Has turned into violence and misery 
Smack! He hits the floor
His bones crunch, his blood pours
ONE! TWO! THREE! Down goes four
Will this stop or will there be more?

There’s many things we ask for
There’s pride and equality
Then there’s also women's rights
These are all things I believe

We try to share our thoughts but no one hears
The sirens just keep ringing in our ears
Shrieking and shrilling the sounds just keep coming
There making our heads pound
We wish they would just stop now

The longer we stand the harder it gets
The more we speak the bigger the threat
We stand as group to get our point across
But so many have fallen so many our lost

We stand at our stations
Everyone's weapons are drawn
They have guns
We have words and thoughts

We fire our bullets they come from our mouth
They fire back there’s come from a valve
Our tongues are the trigger there's no pain involved
We did nothing but be gentle and soft
We never hurt them while getting our  point across
The way they got theres was firing shots
We were peaceful and didn't want violence
They shot at us because we were being “defiant”

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